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Property Refurbishment and Maintenance

For investment landlords or single property landlords with older properties, we can arrange and co-ordinate refurbishment projects of any size. Lettings Direct has an extensive network of consultants and contractors who specialise in rental portfolio works, ensuring your home is refurbished to last!

Of course, repairs are inevitable throughout the length of the tenancy and we like to ensure that landlords are prepared for this eventuality. As well as general building and interior repairs, you must also consider the repair and/or replacement of major electrical items as they age.  

On signing with Lettings Direct we agree in advance the level of responsibility you wish us to have in arranging repairs and replacements. This allows you peace of mind, knowing that without further reference to you, we will arrange our local contractors, or contractors of your choice, to carry out any such necessary works. 



The normal level of agreement sees Lettings Direct deal with any repairs or maintenance up to the estimated cost of £150.  This bill is then passed on to the landlord on completion. Some landlords prefer to take responsibility for these matters themselves and this is perfectly acceptable to us.

Major repairs will, of course, be discussed with you first and in these circumstances estimates will be obtained for your approval, subsequent works will be supervised by us and we will report to you as necessary.

When there is an emergency repair, such as a burst pipe or leak, there are various legal obligations on all parties. We may feel it neccessary to instruct on work immediately particularly when it will prevent further damage to the property, or when the situation presents a health and safety risk to tenants.

In such circumstances, when we feel it neccessary to act first, we will always act with common sense and with your best interests in mind.

It is always made clear to tenants should they consider instructing their own contractor, they may be liable for the full costs. We recommend this happens only in the most extreme of circumstances.





Inventory and move in report

We often get asked by landlords, why do I need an inventory, there is nothing in my property, it's unfurnished, surely it's an expense I don't need to incur? My answer is always the same - it's vital that you offer a proper, detailed inventory of a property to a tenant upon move in. 

Lettings Direct is Now In Sales!

Sell Your Property at Lettings Direct

After a triumphant year for the team and the buisness, we are delighted to announce an exciting new move into property sales. This latest development has allowed us to offer a turnkey service for our landlord clients looking to sell, grow or let their property portfolio.

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