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Small Business Offices - Should You Take The Plunge?

By 5th May 2015

When you’re a small business - either a one man band or working with fewer than five employees - it’s tempting to reduce your overheads by working from home. After all, many successful businesses started on the dining room table or in a makeshift office in the garden shed.

The key part of that sentence is ‘started’ there.  In order to grow, or to create a more polished image as your business develops, you will find taking the plunge into commercial office rental begins to look more and more appealing.  But when should you do it – and is the added overhead worth the risk?

Why Move Out of the House and into an Office?

  1. It helps promote a positive professional image. You will appear more polished, more serious and more productive in a commercial office than you do working from your home.
  2. It helps combat procrastination! You won’t be tempted to put a washing on, watch the football highlights or alphabetise your CD collection before getting to work.
  3. It will help you find a better work-life balance. The flip-side of procrastination is that you find yourself constantly working. When you leave the office, you are in ‘Home Life Mode’.
  4. It gives you room to grow when you need it most – no worrying about bringing employees in your home, squeezing another desk into the spare room or figuring out how to take on that new contract without space for casual staff.
  5. Small business rates breaks, the full amount of your energy and utility bills coming out of your bottom line, petty cash paying for tea and biscuits...  you may find that a small business office is less expensive than you think.

Most importantly though, your home goes back to being your home.  That spare room can be used for guests, no frantic tidying up before client meetings and no rugby tackling the kids away from the phone ‘just in case’.  You can relax and enjoy your own space, safe in the knowledge your business is tucked up nicely in your professional office ready and waiting for your team, clients and business life. 

Here at Lettings Direct we’ve helped landlords find great small business tenants and paired small businesses up with their perfect office space. In fact, we were so passionate about this particular sector of our market that we bought the building

Our own small business centre is currently under development and as we grow our own portfolio we are becoming more tuned in to the needs of the small business owner. If you’re a commercial office space landlord looking to let out your property to reliable, trustworthy businesses then please contact us to find out how we can help you.  

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Julie chats about commercial properties V working from home and explains the benefits of letting office space for small businesses. Reclaim your work-life balance, set out your professional stall and combat procrastination for good! A must read for small home businesses thinking about moving into premises. 


We often get asked by landlords, why do I need an inventory, there is nothing in my property, it's unfurnished, surely it's an expense I don't need to incur? My answer is always the same - it's vital that you offer a proper, detailed inventory of a property to a tenant upon move in. 

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