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Sue Does The Business - Tenant Testimonial

By 3rd June 2015

Sue Varga is a local Perth businesswoman who runs her small beauty services business from home. With a young daughter, her life as a busy working Mum comes with all the ups and downs so many of us know only too well!

Sue approached us about a rented property we had on Glover Street as she was keen to convert the garage at the bottom of the back garden into a salon for her clients. This would allow her to give a professional service from home without the intrusion of having people in her family environment.   We worked between Sue and our landlady client to find a solution that was suitable for everyone.

Sue had this to say:

“It was fantastic.  My circumstances meant I need to rent for a couple of years and I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to accommodate the business within this arrangement. I wanted a separate room that was private and had electrics for my Caci Facial machine. When I spoke to Julie she couldn’t have been more helpful and she liaised with the landlady for permission for my changes.

I laid down a deposit to secure the flat and before long Tori and I were settled in and the business was up and running.  It was wonderful.”

As with all properties, rented and owned, sometimes things go wrong and although we can’t guarantee that you’ll live in complete bliss without any such hiccups we can guarantee that we’ll do our best to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Three years ago, we made the business decision to bring our maintenance team in-house and carry out our own repairs, refurbishments and landlord renovation projects.   As well as saving money on escalating call out charges, we have been able to set high standards and respond quickly to tenant call outs.

Sue commented:

“I did have one or two wee issues; but you expect that. In the two years I was renting my boiler broke, my washing machine packed in and the key jammed in the lock. Each time the problem was sorted out that day. I think that’s great service and sets credible agents apart from the cowboys!

The other thing that impressed me was their discretion come inspection time. You understand as a tenant that it’s an essential part of the contract but it can still be uncomfortable when someone is looking round your home. Julie and the Lettings Direct Team are so discreet and were always really polite while they were in my house.”

Our client came to sell the property that Sue was renting and by this time she was in a position to buy. Her business and home remained exactly the same and our landlord was happy to make a swift sale. However, that wasn’t the last we were to hear from Sue!

“When my eldest son was looking for a new flat I went straight to Julie and Garry and asked them to sort him out! I have dealt with some terrible landlords over the years and I like the way they do business.

Everything is fair, honest and within the letter of the law. There was no trouble getting my deposit back, they were always brilliant to deal with and the service was second to none. I’d always recommend Lettings Direct to people looking for a home to let and landlords looking for someone to manage their property.

Sue's business, Ageless, specialises in non-surgical facelifts and you can contact her on 07799334717.

Glover Street

All too often Letting Agents think of service in terms of how happy their landlord clients are.  We are, of course, in agreement that this is hugely important but we also know that happy tenants make the letting circle complete and bring long term security to the property investments that are entrusted to us.


We often get asked by landlords, why do I need an inventory, there is nothing in my property, it's unfurnished, surely it's an expense I don't need to incur? My answer is always the same - it's vital that you offer a proper, detailed inventory of a property to a tenant upon move in. 

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We are delighted to let you know that Lettings Direct has been shortlisted as the Residential Letting Team of the Year in the prestigious Herald Property Awards for Scotland.  This is a major achievement for our young Lettings company and one we are extremely proud to be announcing. 

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